George Clooney tried to circulate a petition to get Hollywood to stand together against the hackers, but no one signed it.

"It tells you that celebs only join causes that benefit their profile. If the petition was for climate change, they'd be on it like Roman Polanski on a sleepy teen, but if there's a hint of risk, they fold faster than a beach chair under Harvey Weinstein," Greg Gutfeld said tonight.

Gutfeld remarked that the reason celebrities flock to green causes is because it’s a no-lose proposition.

“I thought Hollywood was the land of the rebel, all those anti-heroes they create by the bushel: the edgy badass who struts into town, unshaven and unafraid, wiry from sleeplessness and nicotine, willing to take on any - and every - bad guy. It's just an onscreen bluff. Those brave performances are just performances. Jell-O has more spine.”

Watch the full monologue above.