The "Outnumbered" hosts took on Sony's decision to cancel the Christmas Day release of "The Interview."

The announcement came Wednesday afternoon following a threat from hackers to movie theaters planning to show the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy.

Mitt Romney and many other celebrities slammed the studio's decision, calling it censorship and appeasing terrorists. 

Stacey Dash called on her fellow Americans to see the movie as a message that we're not going to bow to the demands of terrorists. 

"It is our patriotic duty to go and see this movie. To release this movie and say to them: you're not gonna scare us. It sends a message to the rest of the world, this is what you can do," said Dash. 

Gene Simmons called for DVD copies of "The Interview" to be air-dropped into North Korea. He said the Sony hacking is a signal of how serious cyber-warfare is and called for retaliation against North Korea. 

"You want to go tit-for-tat. We've got better [hackers]. I think we should shut down their banking system, do whatever it is we need to do. You don't need bombs, you don't need troops on the ground. Shut them down," said Simmons.

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