Judge Andrew Napolitano and Charles Krauthammer this evening called on Sony to distribute “The Interview” online.

Napolitano blasted Sony’s decision to pull the release as “utterly gutless, utterly reprehensible, utterly cowardly.”

He said that the federal government has a profound obligation to protect freedom of speech.

“That this movie was crushed because it’s a satire about a monster, a person we have every right to criticize and mock, is totally alien to the American tradition,” he said.

How would Napolitano have handled it?

“If I’m Sony, I put this thing on YouTube, and there’s nobody that can stop it […] and if I’m the president of the United States, I say put it in the theater in D.C. ‘cause I’m bringing my wife and daughters and we’re gonna go watch it.”

“Sony made exactly the wrong decision,” Krauthammer said, agreeing that Sony should put it on the Internet for free.

“It’s a gesture but also it doubly screws over Pyongyang,” he said.

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