A Vietnam veteran in Pennsylvania had long ago forgotten about the medals that he was supposed to have received for his service. 

But the man's great-nephew, a 17-year-old Eagle Scout, took it upon himself to track down the medals and he recently presented them to 67-year-old Fred Yoder in an emotional ceremony.

The teen, Dalton Yoder, joined Steve Doocy this morning along with his great-uncle and Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), who helped with the effort. 

Yoder said at the time, the war was unpopular and he simply didn't bother to bring home the medals when he returned from the war.

Dalton said the war stories his great-uncle has told over the years "inspired" him to make sure he was honored.  

"Fred's a great person and he inspires me. It's just great," he said. 

He said once Sen. Toomey got involved it wasn't that difficult to find the medals. 

Toomey said there's a department within the Pentagon that handles these requests, the National Personnel Records Center.

"Mine was just a small role. I just have a lot of admiration for an enterprising young man who out of love and respect for his great-uncle, really did something terrific," said Toomey.

Fred said he was "numb" when he saw an Army representative walk into his great-nephew's Eagle Scout ceremony with the medals. He joked that he was shocked his wife could keep the secret for the past year.