“So I hear President Obama may be going to Cuba,” Greg Gutfeld said this evening. “I was thinking - if you're gonna go, maybe you could bring me something back? No, not cigars! No rum. No plantains. How about her?”

Gutfeld was referring to Joanne Chesimard, who executed a state trooper and fled to Cuba. He said that she’s just one of more than 80 American fugitives living there, from murderers to hijackers to cop killers.

“Unlike North Korea,  Cuba is a jewel of the left because both adore Marxist thugs, those who fail at life, but excel at taking it,” Gutfeld said.

He questioned why Obama won’t demand the return of these fugitives. Is he afraid to hurt feelings, Gutfeld wondered?

“But as with golf, Obama loves to play, even as he loses. He’s like a kid in a casino, mindlessly pulling on slot machine levers, while mom and dad lose their shirt to the men in green with the cigars.”

Gutfeld said, “Cuba treated Cubans poorly, not ‘cause it had to, but for belief. Che made them slay. The rule of thumb with totalitarians: the people under that thumb suffer. And its fans always find the thumb more appealing than the bodies underneath.”