Alexis and Zoe Roark thought they got a big surprise when they were chosen as Indianapolis Colts' Junior Cheerleaders and had the chance to perform with the Colts cheerleaders at halftime of an NFL game on Sunday.

But an even bigger surprise was in store.

After the halftime performance, the little girls' mother, U.S. Army Specialist Shanea Cornett, came running out after being away for nine months in Afghanistan, an unexpected and heartwarming homecoming.

"Second to their birth, it was probably the happiest day of my life," Cornett said on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked how Cornett explains to her daughters why she serves her country.

"I just tell them freedom isn't free. So, Mommy has to go fight the good fight," Cornett said. "Mommy loves what she does. And Mommy loves them. Mommy will always come back."

"This is by far the best Christmas ever," Cornett said. "It's been an exciting week. I got to come home. I got married yesterday. It's going to be an amazing Christmas."