In the wake of yesterday's terrible events in Sydney, Amy Kellogg reported on "Happening Now" this afternoon that the feeling in the country now is a mix of sadness and anger, with many questioning why Man Haron Monis was allowed to be out on bail and why he wasn't on any terro watch lists.

NEW VIDEO: Gunshots Fired, Hostages Flee as Police Storm Sydney Cafe

Kellogg said that police are not releasing much information while they conduct their investigation, but accounts from hostages are trickling out to local media, revealing more about what happened during those 17 harrowing hours.

Kellogg said that local media reports talk about a hostage who collapsed while being forced to hold Monis' Islamic flag against the window for a protracted period of time.

Local reports also say that Monis threatened to kill all the hostages and was teetering on the verge of sleep when one or more of the hostages tried to take the gun from him. That's when Monis reportedly lost it and fired the first shot that led to police storming the cafe.

Kellogg said that in addition to the two hostages killed, three suffered gunshot wounds. It is not known if they were all shot by Monis or if any were caught in the cross-fire.

Kellogg said that the Iranian-born Monis was facing charges of being an accomplice to murder in his ex-wife's death, plus more than 50 sexual assault-related charges. Also, Iran has said that they were trying to extradite Monis for fraud.

As for how and why Monis was out on bail with such a lengthy criminal record, Australia recently changed to make requirements to get bail more stringent. Unfortunately, those changes are not operational until January.

Also, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has questioned Monis was not on the country's terror watch list.

At a press conference, Abbott said, "How can someone who has had such a long and checkered history not be on the appropriate watch lists? And how can someone like that be entirely at large?"

"These are questions that we need to look at carefully."

Watch the clip above.

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