Sean Hannity tonight took on Imam Muhammad Siddeeq over Islam following a Taliban-led assault on a Pakistani school.

Officials say 132 children and nine staff members were killed in the horrific attack.

“Radical Islamic terrorism is now the scourge of the world,” Hannity said, telling Siddeeq that he doesn’t see moderate Muslims joining together to loudly condemn such attacks.

“This is happening in the name of your religion,” Hannity said. “If it were my religion I’d be really angry.”

“We are outraged about what has taken place using the name of Islam. These people are not Muslims,” Siddeeq countered.

“We keep hearing there’s a billion Muslims, and that this is a small minority, but yet you have entire countries where women are imprisoned under Sharia Law, and […] the biggest radical terrorist movement is in the name of Islam, and I don’t see the moderates joining together to take back their religion, which is being hijacked,” Hannity said.

Watch the fiery debate above.