In tonight’s Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly said that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren “is emerging as the face of liberal America.”

O’Reilly explained that some on the left believe that Hillary Clinton is too socially moderate, so they are encouraging Warren to run for president.

“The Factor” host remarked that Warren despises Wall Street and big banks, and she “is not a big fan of capitalism in general.” O’Reilly said that Warren believes Americans should pay for abortions and that the social contract should allow punitive taxation on corporations and wealthy individuals to provide for those who don’t have much.

According to O’Reilly, Warren also “wants stringent government control of firearms, robust health care subsidies, and government-mandated wages for low-paid workers.”

“In short, she is a classic liberal thinker who believes Washington should control the lives of individuals for the collective good.”

O’Reilly said that some younger Americans, minority voters, and left-wing baby boomers view Warren as a hero.

He said, “If Sen. Warren ever gains the White House, she'd make Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan.”

Watch the memo above.