Hundreds of suspected criminals arrested in Detroit in the last four years have been freed due to a backlog of warrants, the Detroit News reported.

George Hunter, who reported the story, told Greta Van Susteren tonight that this has happened because of unsigned warrants at the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

There are 21 unsigned warrants for murder, 105 for sex assault and 126 for child abuse.

Hunter explained that police can’t hold a suspect for more than 72 hours, so unless the suspect is arraigned, authorities have to submit a warrant request to the prosecutor’s office. If the prosecutor doesn’t sign the warrant request, police have to release the suspect.

Watch the video above to hear Hunter explain how one suspected rapist was freed, then later charged with raping three more women.

Read more from Hunter’s report below:

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy insists many of the releases are a result of too few employees in her office.

"I have been saying for two years what would happen if our budget was cut," Worthy said. "We have lost half of our staff and it is no surprise that we are not able to fulfill our mandated functions with such drastic staff reductions.

"It certainly is not surprising that this has impacted our ability to review and charge warrant requests presented to us," Worthy said.

The prosecutors office has 134 staff attorneys, having lost more than 90 this year due to budget cuts, spokeswoman Maria Miller said. The reductions have spilled over into a public feud between Worthy and outgoing Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano over funding.