Sean Hannity and Human Rights Watch executive Ken Roth clashed tonight over the report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation methods, which were used in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

Hannity asked Roth to imagine the following scenario: “You have two children, two kidnappers come to your home, they take your two kids, one of them gets away with the kids in the car. You tackle the other kidnapper […] what would you do to extract the information about where your children are being held? What would you be willing to do?”

Roth told him that building a rapport and getting detainees to talk is effective.

“Are you saying you wouldn’t use force and pain to extract the information […] to find your own children?” Hannity pressed again.

“I would use what works […] torture doesn’t work,” Roth told him.

“I would beat the living hell out of them and make sure that I found out where my kids were,” Hannity said, slamming Roth as “naïve beyond understanding.”

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