Fox News has followed the story of Army First Lt. Clint Lorance, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year for a deadly shooting in Afghanistan. 

Lorance was leading a platoon in 2012 when three men on a motorcycle suddenly came toward the troops. Lorance ordered his men to open fire, leaving two of the Afghan men dead.

The Army later said the men were not enemy combatants at Lorance's court martial at Fort Bragg, where he was charged with violating the rules of engagement.

Now, new evidence in the case is leading to calls for clemency for Lorance. Steve Doocy discussed the case this morning with Lorance's mother and Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr.

Anna Lorance said the family has not heard anything from the Army since Nov. 30, when their lawyer submitted papers seeking to have the conviction overturned.

Lorance said new evidence obtained by the family's lawyer indicates the men who were shot may actually have had ties to terrorism. And Lorance accuses the Army of withholding that information. 

She said her son made a split-second decision to protect his men and he was not trying to harm civilians.

Johnson Jr. explained that the decision now rests with Brig. Gen. Richard D. Clarke, the 82nd Airborne Division commander.

Lorance pleaded with Clarke to "do the right thing." 

"We have the evidence, you have the evidence in your hands that the jury did not have. I know you to be a loyal man and a true man to your soldiers of the 82nd Airborne. My son too was a soldier in the 82nd Airborne. He's your soldier," she said, lamenting the fact that her son's devotion to his country led to a 20-year prison sentence.

"Clint is a young man that would have never seen the inside of a jail cell had he not chose to serve his country and that is sad," Lorance said. 

Johnson Jr. noted that after reading the papers, it seems like the Army "withheld an awful lot of evidence in terms of terror ties, the witnesses [and] intelligence." 

Watch the emotional interview above. You can also join the 30,000+ who have signed a petition supporting Lt. Lorance's freedom.