Flying with small children can be challenging. Not just for the parents, but for fellow passengers, too.

On a recent flight, considerate parents of an infant took the preemptive step of handing out "goodies bags" to all the people on their flight before takeoff.

The bags contained earplugs, candy and a note written in the baby's name, apologizing for what might happen on her very first flight.

Hi Stranger!

My name is Madeline. I will be 1 on December 17th and this is my first flight. I’ll try to be on my best behavior, but I’d like to apologize in advance if I lose my cool, get scared or my ears hurt. My mom and dad packed you this goodies bag with a few treats. There are also earplugs in case my first public serenade isn’t as enjoyable to you as it is my mom and dad.

Have a great flight!

"There's no stopping a child from wrecking your flight," Tucker Carlson said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning. "All you can do is apologize. And the worst thing you can do is pretend that it's not happening, which is what most parents do, and I have done. I will admit."

Watch the clip above and let us know in the comments what you think about this strategy for flying with small children.

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