Portland police say three teenagers were hurt in a shooting outside of Rosemary Anderson High School.

Two of the teens are confirmed gunshot victims, and one teen's injuries have not been confirmed.

All three victims were conscious and breathing upon transport.

Authorities say the suspect or suspects have left the area. It is not an active shooter situation, and authorities have deemed the school safe and secure.

Read a statement from Portland police:

There were three victims in today's shooting that occurred outside Rosemary Anderson High School on Killingsworth Court and Borthwick. The three teenage victims, two males and one female, ran to the high school following the shooting. The shooter ran from the scene. The high school immediately went into lockdown. Officers responded and ensured everyone was safe.

Medical transported the victims to an area hospital; they were conscious and awake at that time.

This is not an active shooter situation. The area is considered secure and police are now conducting an investigation.

Read more from KPTV:

Rosemary Anderson High School is an alternative high school in North Portland.

It's located right next to Jefferson High School and Portland Community College's Cascade campus, which were both in lockdown Friday afternoon while police continued to search for the shooter, or shooters.

Parents of students who attend the school were told to go to Killingsworth Court and Kerby Avenue.

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