A college president was forced to apologize after students called her out for writing in a mass email that "all lives matter." 

Students at Smith College in Massachusetts took offense to Kathleen McCartney not using the phrase "black lives matter" when she sent the email as a show of support for protests against the grand jury decisions in Ferguson and New York City. 

Many students then chastised McCartney on social media. One student told the The Daily Hampshire Gazette that “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives," while another said McCartney had "minimized the anti-blackness of this current situation."

Lars Larson and Julie Roginsky responded on "America's Newsroom" this morning to this "controversy." 

Roginsky called the students' reactions "ridiculous," explaining that in her email McCartney could not have been any more empathetic with the protest movement.

"They owe her an apology. She was their biggest advocate," said Roginsky, with Martha MacCallum saying that the students "bullied her into submission."

Larson said the only thing McCartney did wrong here was apologize. MacCallum argued that McCartney should have defended her "all lives matter" statement, not backed down. 

"Maybe she missed an opportunity. She could have said, ya know what students: all lives do matter. The lives of policemen matter in this country, the lives of law enforcement matter in this country. Their families, who watch them go to work every day, wondering whether or not this is going to be the day that they get attacked or shot on the job. All lives do matter, kids, and it's time you understood that too," she said.

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