An Alabama officer caught a grandmother stealing eggs; instead of arresting her, he surprised her with an amazing act of kindness.

William Stacy explained today on “Your World” how he stopped a grandmother in a parking lot, who admitted that she had stolen the eggs.

“She told me she needed help, and that she needed to put food in her babies’ stomachs. And I couldn’t let the babies go hungry so I told her go on, park in the parking lot, […] bought her a carton of eggs and brought them back out to her.”

She started crying and apologizing for the theft, then gave the officer a hug.

Stacy told Neil Cavuto that the woman kept trying to give him all the money she had on her, which was about $1.25. He told her to keep the money, and said the only way to repay him was not to steal again.

The encounter – which was caught on camera – received a tremendous response from the public, leading people to donate food and other items to the woman.

“What I did, hundreds of thousands of officers everyday across the United States do the same exact thing. They even do more than what I did. I don’t understand why this video went viral the way it has,” Stacy said, adding that he’s grateful that the video has garnered such a positive reaction because law enforcement needs that right now.

Watch the interview above.