“That loud rubbing noise heard ‘round the world? It’s our enemies kneading their hands in delight over America’s self-loathing, spine-collapsing introspection,” Greg Gutfeld said tonight.

Iran's supreme leader called the recent CIA report a "symbol of tyranny against humanity,” and China called on the U.S. to “correct its ways.”

“So, Iran and China are telling us to stop human rights abuses? That's like Michael Moore telling Kate Moss to cut back on Twinkies. That's like Rolling Stone telling you to fact-check. That's like Miley Cyrus telling a nun to put on some clothes. That's like Bill Clinton telling anyone to pull up their pants.That's like Dianne Feinstein saying, ‘Don't politicize our safety.’”

Gutfeld remarked that Iran and China have treated their people worse than the U.S. treats its prisoners, “yet here we are at that familiar place where our media and enemies disagree, isolating those who protected us over the last 13 years.”

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