Today on the latest In the Foxlight, Michael Tammero brought us a glimpse into the biblical blockbuster, "Exodus: Gods and Kings."

The Ridley Scott-directed film tells the story of Moses, played by Christian Bale, and his exodus from Egypt. It's a new take on the story nearly 60 years after Charlton Heston's legendary "The Ten Commandments."

Tammero caught up with Bale in Paris, asking him what it's like to play a role like that and how he prepared.

Bale said he tried not to be too serious at all times, observing that there's a "very fine line" between getting a movie like this just right and it being seen as "unintentionally funny."

"We had our takes when it was all a bit pear-shaped. Those are great and you need them as well, because it's such an intense character. I just would have been exhausted if I didn't have a little Monty Python going around the back of my head all the time," said Bale. 

Check it all out in the clip above.