In the middle of his reelection campaign, Indiana State Sen. Jim Banks (R) found out that he wouldn't be home for Election Day.

That's because he was being deployed to Afghanistan as a Navy Reserves officer. Despite being overseas, Banks won the election easily and was sworn in via Skype.

While he is serving the country in Afghanistan, his wife, Amanda, will fill his Senate seat.

"When I found out about my deployment, first and foremost, I knew my district deserved to be represented," Banks said.

After talking to a number of people, Amanda was the obvious choice to be that representative, he explained.

Banks added that he was very proud that his wife won the election last week to fill in as an interim senator until he returns from his deployment in May 2015.

"I knew that I had much to draw on, not to mention the experience of being a senator’s wife for four years," Amanda said.

Banks said he knows she's going to do a great job.

"She knows the issues, she knows the key leaders in the district and, without giving too much advice, I already know she will do a great job in representing the hoosiers from the great part of the state that I'm honored to represent."

Watch the clip above.