In tonight’s monologue, Greg Gutfeld sounded off on the report about enhanced interrogation techniques.

Gutfeld remarked that we used to be a nation which “gave a damn about those who defended us.”

“But now, why would anybody want to work for this government overseas? This torture report, Benghazi, the rules of engagement for our soldiers - we put these guys out there at great risk, then bury them when expedient. We enjoy this bubble of freedom, thanks to stuff we don't see, stuff we don’t want to see, tactics that aren’t for spin the bottle, but to protect civilization,” he said.

Gutfeld asked: if your family was targeted for attack, would you want every tool available to stop it, or just those approved by Brian Williams?

“If we let the media control what remains on the table, there'd be no damn table,” he quipped.

Gutfeld said that countries have done far worse than what’s alleged in this report, and they don't do it to save lives, “but just for sick kicks.”

“Flying planes into buildings, bombing embassies, beheadings: We don't incite such savagery. It was always there. The worst place on earth is earth.”

Of 119 terror captives, Gutfeld said 39 were waterboarded. Before that, 2,997 people died on 9/11 – and there hasn’t been a successful terror hijacking since.

“So save me your hand-wringing. You don't play patty cake with demons, unless you're OK with losing. The sad thing is some are.”

Watch the monologue above.