Charles Krauthammer tonight weighed in on former Vice President Dick Cheney’s interview about the interrogation methods report.

In Cheney’s exclusive interview with Bret Baier, he called the report “deeply flawed” and said it is “full of crap.”

“Dick Cheney on 9/11 gave the order to shoot down a civilian American airliner had it not gone down in a field before it reached Washington. Can you imagine what that means, to deliberately kill a planeload of innocents because it had to be done given the alternative? This is a morally serious man,” Krauthammer said.

As a result of Cheney’s calculation on enhanced interrogation methods, Krauthammer said we had 13 years without a second attack.

Sen. John McCain has made the argument that America is better than this, and that the nation could have gotten the same results without these interrogation methods.

“Did you want the Bush administration to conduct a controlled experiment after 9/11?” Krauthammer questioned.

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