The woman who drove a minivan into the ocean with her three children inside no longer faces attempted murder charges.

Prosecutors say that Ebony Wilkerson has agreed to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Back in March, authorities say Wilkerson locked the van’s windows and doors, told her children to go to sleep, then drove into the ocean.

Her 10-year-old daughter said that her mom took them to the beach “so we could die.”

Fortunately, bystanders were able to get everyone out of the minivan safely.

Wilkerson was pregnant with her fourth child at the time. She gave birth to a baby boy in jail.

Wilkerson’s lawyer says a court-appointed doctor found that Wilkerson had suffered a psychotic episode. She still faces three counts of aggravated child abuse.

Attorney Dan Conaway was on “Shepard Smith Reporting” to discuss. Watch more above.