Univision host Jorge Ramos pressed President Barack Obama over his authority to act on immigration in an interview Tuesday.

Tonight, he discussed Obama and his immigration action on “Hannity.”

Ramos said he believes that Obama’s position on illegal immigration has evolved, perhaps due to pressure from journalists or from the Hispanic community.

“My argument with him is that if he believes that he has the legal authority now, it’s exactly the same legal authority that he had six years ago. And he didn’t do anything about it, and since then he has deported 2 million immigrants,” Ramos said.

While Ramos said that the best way to come to the U.S. is to do so legally, he said that it’s better for the country to have more immigrants because Americans benefit from their work.

Sean Hannity asked Ramos, “Would you support a bill that secures America’s borders permanently and securely first? Do that first, and then we can deal with the issues that I think you want to discuss.”

Ramos said the nation should secure the borders and deal with the 11 million illegal immigrants at the same time, but Hannity disagreed.

Watch the fiery discussion above.