An Australian couple wanted a daughter so badly that they mortgaged their home, flew to the U.S. and spent $50,000 to choose the sex of their child.

Jayne and Jonathon Cornwill used an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure that involves screening embryos to make sure they have the right numbers of chromosomes and are free from abnormalities.

Critics of the procedure argue it encourages fertile couples to undergo unnecessary treatments, which could lead to health risks. They also say it reinforces gender distinctions and could lead to gene modification.

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On "Outnumbered" today, Melissa Francis said it's a fact that you can't stop the advancement of science, and you don't want the government telling you if you can or can't use that science.

She said you might disagree with this couple's reasons for using IVF, but it's not the government's job to step in and tell them they can't.

"I think we have trouble when we play God," Andrea Tantaros said. "And when government plays God, too."

Harris Faulkner said there's a difference between parents using IVF to have a child, as opposed to using it to select the gender or other traits of that child.

"It's selfish in my opinion," Faulkner said.

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