Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on "The Kelly File" tonight that the decision to release the report on the CIA's interrogation practices doesn't make any sense at all.

"We're a nation at war," Rogers said. "We have U.S. personnel, both intelligence officials and our military and our special operators, in harm's way."

So why release the report now? he wondered.

Rogers suggested it's not just about Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

He said that she has been under pressure from many members of the Senate to release the report.

Rogers noted that people at the United Nations are already pressing for the prosecution of the agents who committed unlawful acts.

"We've asked them to do very hard and difficult things to protect America. Do they have to turn around and look back and and wonder if the United States is going to be with them? Or if in a few years, they're going to get a subpoena to come in and testify for something their government told them to do?"

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