We heard a lively debate this afternoon on "Outnumbered" just after the release of a report on harsh interrogation techniques used by the CIA during the Bush administration.

The Democrat-led Senate Intelligence Committee released the report despite objections by Obama administration officials and lawmakers, who warned that the information could "endanger the lives of Americans" around the world.

The White House supported the decision by committee chair Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to release the scathing document, which concluded that the interrogation methods did not stop imminent threats to the nation.

Andrea Tantaros said this release is further evidence of President Obama apologizing for America and letting the world know what's wrong with the country. 

"They believe naively that if we can just shame ourselves and convince the world how horrible we are and put us on a moral equivalency with all these other countries, then maybe they will stop beheading Americans and putting our heads on sticks. They're fools," she said, adding that Democrats are going back to the same old "playbook" from when President Obama was elected.

She also pointed out that these interrogation techniques were stopped years ago and Democrats are bringing it up again to make a political point because they are "fundamentally lost" as a party.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery pushed back, siding with Judge Napolitano who told Megyn Kelly last night that the American people "have the right to know what's been done in their name."

She rejected the notion that this report will inflame terrorists, arguing they are already "beheading and raping people" and want to attack Americans.

Kennedy said that as Americans, we should want know this information, instead of keeping it hidden like North Korea, China and Russia would do.

"We live in the light because we are awesome. Therefore, we can withstand this self-reflection. To say that somehow this is going to lead to death and destruction imminently is really irresponsible."

Watch the full discussion above.