With his approval ratings at a record low and America as divided as it has been in decades, President Obama decided to joke around last night with Stephen Colbert on "The Colbert Report."

During his appearance, the commander-in-chief took over Colbert's "The Word" segment, poking fun at Sen. Mitch McConnell, Fox News and more.

Juan Williams and his son, Raffi Williams, reacted to the president's "Colbert Report" appearance tonight on "Hannity."

Raffi said that there is a disconnect where Obama is "laughing it up" with his base, but many African Americans feel left behind.

"Right now, they are struggling in America, and the president isn't addressing it. And that's really frustrating to a lot of black America," Raffi said.

He added that one of Obama's biggest mistakes is "deputizing" Al Sharpton to fix race relations in America.

"What we need now is to be united and to bring together all races."

Watch the clip above and check out Obama's full "Colbert Report" appearance.