A Minnesota hunter is lucky to be alive after fending off a bear with a 5-inch knife.

Brandon Johnson explained that he and his friends went off to track a huge bear that they had shot earlier in the night. They thought the bear would be dead by that time. 

But Johnson suddenly found himself face to face with the very much still-alive bear.

The bear charged Johnson - not once, not twice, but three times.

“I […] kept shoving my left arm in its mouth so it wouldn’t bite my face, and I just kept stabbing with my right arm ‘til the bear finally realized that my right arm was where the pain was coming from, and bit that hand too," he explained.

One of the bear’s teeth broke Johnson’s left arm bone in half. He explained that he "got right with God" before falling unconscious.

Soon after, his friends rescued him.

The 525-pound bear carcass was located by his friends the next day near where the fierce struggle occurred.

Johnson's friends have set up a fundraising website in order to help him with the huge medical bills that resulted from his serious injuries.

They wrote: 

Brandon Johnson defied death by defending himself with a 5 inch knife against a 525 lb black bear.  Brandon was helping a fellow hunter track the bear arrowed earlier in the evening. Brandon has been hunting and tracking bear for over 25 years. In fact, Brandon has not hunted bear the last 3 years after he arrowed a 500 plus bear. His passion is helping other hunters including his son and fiancée (Tracey) be successful. Killing an animal is not why we hunt, it's a part of the hunt...a very small part. Spending time with family and friends is why we hunt! This benefit is to help Brandon cover the cost of medical bills and loss of income. Brandon is owner of Ra-den Construction and the use of his arms is how he makes a living. Brandon was air lifted to a hospital in Robbinsdale specializing in trauma. The helicopter ride alone was almost $30,000. This benefit is to help Brandon focus on healing and help cover his medical bills.

Watch Johnson's interview on "The Real Story" above. Watch Tuesday's report from "Fox and Friends" below.