On "Shepherd Smith Reporting" today, Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to the release of a scathing report on the CIA's enhanced interrogation tactics.

Judge Nap called the report "a serious and profound indictment of the government's torture in the Bush administration."

He explained that it was produced after five years of painstaking examination by investigators for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Judge Nap said those investigators' computers were hacked by CIA agents, who tried to interfere with an examination of them by their own regulatory committee.

"There are many crimes in here that should be prosecuted," Judge Nap said.

He added that the CIA agents who committed the unlawful actions in the report will argue that they were authorized by their superiors to do it, while the committee says those superiors were misleading about what actually was going on.

Judge Nap said the most damning thing in the report is the conclusion, which is that none of these interrogation techniques did anything to keep Americans safe.

"CIA hacking, federal crime. Torture, federal crime. Lying to the Senate committee, federal crime. Doesn't look like anybody's going to be prosecuted."

Watch the clip above.