On "The Kelly File" tonight, Brit Hume said the security risks caused by the release of the report on the CIA's interrogation policies are "demonstrably real."

He explained that the increased risk to Americans has been noted by both the Pentagon and the State Department, in addition to Rep. Mike Rogers earlier tonight on "The Kelly File."

Hume said that all the "players" responsible for the CIA's program were not interviewed by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He added that the committee and its chairwoman, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, have had the last two years to legally speak to those people, but they never did.

"This will renew the debate over enhanced interrogation techniques, but that debate ended years ago," Hume said. 

"This is reopening an old wound and a debate long ago settled in favor of discontinuing the practices."

Watch part one Megyn's interview with Hume above and part two below.