New police dash cam footage (above) shows the field sobriety test of a Texas judge who was eventually let off the hook following her DWI arrest. 

In a twist to the case, the prosecutor in Hidalgo County said they never saw the video and that it could have helped their case. 

The video shows Nora Longoria, a judge in the 13th Court of Appeals, stumbling and failing to walk a straight line after she was stopped.

More from Action 4 News:

The copy of the stop has no audio, but police say in another version Longoria can be heard pleading with the McAllen police officer.

According to a police report, she allegedly told him "Please let me go home. I live a couple of miles away” and "You are going to ruin my life.

Longoria failed the sobriety test, but refused to give a blood sample or submit to a breathalyzer.

The case went to court last month, but the judge dismissed the charges, reportedly marking "other" as the reason. 

Longoria only ended up paying a $500 fine.