Police are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance video (above) luring a 7-year-old girl away from a home. 

The man in the black hooded coat led the child away as she played with other children outside the residence, telling her he needed help finding his puppy. 

The children had reportedly gone outside without permission to play with some snow.

When the little girl walked off with the strange man, one of her friends ran inside to tell her grandmother and the abducted girl's mom. 

One of the girls was able to give police a description, saying the man had blotches on his face.

After a tense few hours, the girl was found unharmed walking alone on the street. 

More details from the Minneapolis Star Tribune

Back inside the home and surrounded by family and police, Beaty said, the girl described the incident. She remembered being on a freeway and then going to another house. The man opened the door to the house and acted surprised as a dog greeted them. She started crying, “because she doesn’t like dogs,” the girl’s mother told Beaty. The man then drove the girl back to the neighborhood where he picked her up because “she was crying,” she added.

“Only the grace of God,” Beaty said.

Minneapolis police said Sunday they are still searching for the suspect, described by the children as a white man in his 30s, wearing a black jacket with horizontal stripes. No new information was available Sunday night.