Rudy Giuliani appeared on "Hannity" tonight to respond to comments from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who said that Giuliani "fundamentally misunderstands reality" when it comes to the rift between the police and the black community. 

Giuliani said de Blasio is propounding the idea that the police are solely responsible for violence in black communities.

"Police officers can misbehave, and they're part of the problem," he said. "But 96% of the problem is black-on-black crime, and [de Blasio's] failure to recognize that is making the situation worse."

Giuliani said that the real solution is addressing the underlying problems, such as poverty and lack of education.

He added that if you look at his eight years in office as mayor, he saved more black lives than any mayor in the history of the city.

Watch Giuliani's full "Hannity" appearance above.