Despite being caught sleeping on the job a whopping 12 times, a New York City EMT has not been fired by the FDNY.

Instead, the 57-year-old has been demoted after a judge said she has an otherwise spotless record. 

Co-workers say she missed phone calls and radio transmissions while snoozing behind her desk and in her vehicle.

It took more than a dozen complaints over five years against Serele ­Ehrlich before she was stripped of her lieutenant's rank.

More details from the New York Post:

The department tried to fire Ehrlich in 2012, charging her with the sleeping incidents, chronic lateness and going AWOL six times in 2009. A city administrative judge upheld six snoozing charges but recommended only a 45-day suspension, saying Ehrlich had an otherwise unblemished history.

Then-Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano disagreed but backed off firing her and instead demoted Ehrlich to paramedic, writing in November 2013, “The Department should not and will not wait until Lt. Ehrlich’s misconduct results in significant, perhaps deadly, consequences for the public and/or those she is tasked to supervise.”

The city Civil Service Commission upheld the demotion last month.


Ehrlich claimed she was reading the newspaper and may have “briefly closed my eyes for a second.” She said Claudio had it in for her after Ehrlich found the captain gave a paramedic unauthorized days off.

Ehrlich denies ever sleeping on the job or missing an emergency, calling it “a witch hunt” by spiteful colleagues. But she acknowledged, “I might have a mild case of sleep apnea.”

“I never hurt nobody,” the 20-year veteran said. “I gave my life to the department. What they’ve done to me is so unfair.”