We heard some words of wisdom on "Outnumbered" today in response to a new study about the so-called "seven-year itch." 

A new study claims it's actually after 10 years, not seven, that a marriage becomes the toughest. 

Furthermore, the research suggests that a marriage may need 35 years before the couple becomes more harmonious than they were at the beginning. 

Montel Williams asked his fellow "Outnumbered" hosts today about their takes on how to make marriage or relationship work. 

"Write this on your refrigerator today at home. And before you have a conversation with your spouse, read these lines: Speak without offending, listen without defending," he said, adding couples should remember those words before having a conversation where they disagree.

Harris Faulkner asked each what their advice would be. 

Andrea's take might be the frontrunner for funniest "Outnumbered" moment of 2014.

"You know what rhymes with Friday? Vodka. That's on my refrigerator."

Watch the debate above.