ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber will testify on Capitol Hill tomorrow before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

This comes after multiple videos emerged showing Gruber discussing the lack of transparency that went into getting the Affordable Care Act passed, including deceiving "stupid" American voters.

What to Expect When Gruber Testifies at House Hearing

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Your World" today that if he were on the committee, the first things he would want to see from Gruber are the bills he sent the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), his notes, his reports and his draft reports, so Judge Nap could determine where the intentionally ambiguous language was in the ObamaCare law.

Then, Judge Nap said, he'd want to know with whom Gruber shared those documents, both in the HHS and at the White House, and also what the goal of the ambiguous language was.

Judge Nap explained that the controversy surrounding Gruber is a serious political problem for President Obama, but it will become a serious legal problem if it is revealed that Justice Department officials were aware of the deception and misled the Supreme Court.

If that happens, it could result in the entire ObamaCare law being reexamined by the Supreme Court, Judge Nap said.

"If the court relied on a trick that was put in the document in order to trick the court, they will want to reexamine their decision immediately."

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