A Florida family is at odds with the local police over its enormous "Extreme Christmas" display.

The police in Plantation, Florida, however, say the family's display has simply gotten too big, causing public safety concerns.

"In their unbridled zeal to promote themselves and their 'Extreme Christmas' holiday display in their single family residential neighborhood and without any regard for public safety or the complaints of their neighbors, the Hyatts are acting irresponsibly, and are causing the City to take necessary and well considered steps," the police statement read.

The police also criticized the Hyatt family for refusing to cooperate. In response, they blocked vehicular traffic to the home and now people can only go by on foot. 

The display features about 200,000 lights, a ferris wheel and basically everything else you can possibly imagine. 

The "Outnumbered" hosts discussed the Grinch-like story this afternoon. 

Andrea Tantaros said she sympathizes with the neighbors a little bit, including those who have complained that passersby have urinated on their property. 

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