On last night’s “Justice,” Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted President Obama for taking sides based on color, not facts, and stoking the flames "racial hatred, resentment and divisiveness."

"Every young American who loses his life should be the concern of the man in the White House. But why is it that we only hear from him when death involves a person of color?" Judge Jeanine asked.

She pointed out that Obama wasn't elected by just one group, but all Americans, Republican and Democrat, black and white.

"Why don't you act like you're the president of all of us?"

Watch her fiery opening statement above and read the full transcript below.

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Tonight, Americans, once hopeful that after electing the first African American president, the issue of race would be a thing of the past, are left with Barack Obama, who stokes the flames of racial hatred, resentment and divisiveness.

A man who instead of healing our nation, instead of overcoming any racial divide prefers to take sides, based not on facts but on color, to prejudge situations based not on sworn testimony and evidence but on conjecture and a one size fits all resentment, to peddle the narrative of a national problem between law enforcement and young people of color.

Every young American who loses his life should be the concern of the man in the White House. But why is it that we only hear from him when death involves a person of color?

But James Foley, an American who never committed a crime and was beheaded, is nothing more than a blip in the president's golf game.

Mr. President, why do you send White House officials to Brown's funeral but no one to James Foley’s memorial service?

I don't remember you injecting yourself in the death of a young white American or sending in the attorney general on a local crime before the justice system can act - as you did with Eric Holder, sending him to Ferguson?

Why not speak about young African Americans killed by other African Americans? Black-on-black crime? The kind of crime for which your home town of Chicago is so infamous?

Instead, you see racism everywhere.

Mr. President, you say we need trust between police and the African American community, police need to be sensitive to minority concerns.

How about you teach respect for those who put their lives on the line every day, for those who protect us, for those who are the one line of defense against an otherwise barbaric and chaotic society?

How about you teach that when a police officer says "move along" or "put your hands behind your back,” you do it!

And teach that you don't call cops derogatory names or reach into a police cruiser to grab a cop's gun.

But then again, you're the one who thinks cops are stupid.

Mr. President, you demand respect. Why not demand respect for police. When they issue an order, it's not a suggestion, an invitation, a mediation or a request.

As anarchy reigned and protesters looted stores and burned buildings of hard-working Americans - many African American - where were you?

Or do you believe that those crimes are justification for a perceived injustice? Simple collateral damage - like Occupy Wall Street. That tax paying Americans need to just suffer through and then pay for?

But no, you fan the flames of resentment, trumpeting your own investigation that you could have completed by now, only prolonging the anger. Suggesting, yes, folks, this is yet another white injustice, and I’m going to reverse it with a federal civil rights investigation, when you know there isn't a smidgeon - your word - of evidence to support the claim.

Weren't you going to reverse the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case with a federal investigation? What happened? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Have you no respect for the law? For our system of justice?  If you don't like the law, change it. Hell, you do it all the time without Congress!

And you bring in the greatest charlatan of them all, a man who makes a living inciting racial hatred, a tax cheat and a liar, who claimed an African American girl was raped by a white man - stirring the pot of racial hatred that resulted in a defamation judgment against him - to sit with you at the citadel of power in the White House to discuss how law enforcement should be more sensitive.

Now, there are times when injustices occur, but the system also works.

I know. According to that same Al Sharpton , as DA, I convicted the first white cop of shooting an African American in the history of New York.

That jury, not affected by centuries of racism - but the facts, pure and simple.

Mr. President, if you're so concerned about racism, why don't you do something about it?

It is no secret black crime is disproportionately high. Why not focus on poverty, on lack of education, on drugs, on guns, on broken families

Bill Clinton moved Americans from welfare to "workfare." You turn back the hands of time.

With you as president, things aren't so great for African Americans. The poverty rate among African Americans has gone up since you took office. Fewer African Americans own homes. The number of African Americans on food stamps rose from 6 million to almost 11 million since you took office.

Mr. President, you seem to forget, you weren't just elected by one group. You were elected by all of us: Republicans and Democrats, blacks and whites.

Why don't you act like you're the president of all of us?

Watch Judge Jeanine's full opening above.