On "Sunday Morning Futures," Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) shared his thoughts on a variety of topics, including President Obama's nomination of Ashton Carter for secretary of defense, the lack of a coherent strategy in the fight against ISIS and the unacceptable decision for the U.S. not to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine in the face of aggression by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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McCain said that he hopes if Carter is approved as defense secretary, that he understands that he will have no influence on the overall strategic or tactical decisions.

The Arizona senator explained that is the reason why Carter would be the fourth defense secretary in six years, as his predecessors in the position have been largely excluded from the decision-making process.

McCain said that former defense secretaries Robert Gates and Leon Panetta expressed their frustration to him that others' input was prioritized over theirs.

"We have people in the White House, just a handful of people, who have no military experience, no background whatsoever. Their only credential is that they're close to the president of the United States."

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As for the fight against ISIS, McCain said the ongoing problem is that there is no coherent strategy to defeat the terror group.

He said the government is treating it like two different wars - one in Syria, one in Iraq - when it's clear that ISIS doesn't view it that way.

"We now have the world's most powerful air force doing pinprick strikes against empty buildings on many occasions," McCain said.

He also said it was "morally unacceptable" for the U.S. to not provide defensive weapons to Ukrainians, whose country is being "dismembered" by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As for why the U.S. is not intervening in Ukraine, McCain had a theory.

"You know what I'm told why? They don't want to provoke Vladimir Putin. I'm not making that up."

Watch the the interview above and see part two below.

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