On "Fox News Sunday," Chris Wallace pressed Rush Limbaugh about his argument that Republicans should not be afraid to shut down the government.

Disagreeing with some Fox News commentators, Limbaugh argued that the GOP should not be scared about public opinion, since they just "shellacked" Democrats in the midterm elections.

"You keep talking polls to me," Limbaugh said. "The essence of a poll is the election."

Other have disputed Limbaugh's argument, saying another government shutdown is not the best way to try to stop President Obama's executive actions on immigration.

Wallace pointed out that 53% of people blamed Republicans for the 2013 government shutdown, compared to just 31% who blamed Obama.

Limbaugh said that many Republicans actually agree with Obama on immigration, and they are using the government shutdown as an excuse not to stop him.

"Obviously, the Republican establishment doesn’t want to stop Obama on comprehensive immigration reform. And very conveniently, here’s this government shutdown," Limbaugh said. "I think it’s absurd. I think it's ridiculous. And the American people are being let down here."

Watch the clip above.