Republicans picked up their ninth Senate seat last night in Louisiana, where Bill Cassidy defeated incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu in a runoff election 56% to 44%, bringing the GOP majority to 54 seats.

Sen.-elect Cassidy joined Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" to discuss his big win and the message that Louisiana voters sent yesterday.

"It is the exclamation mark on the message the American people sent on Nov. 4," Cassidy said. "The American people do not like the agenda that Barack Obama has staked out for our country."

Cassidy said if there is one party for the working family, it's the GOP, which pushes the use of natural resources to create American jobs, instead of forcing through legislation like ObamaCare that is "pounding the American people."

"The American people want something different," Cassidy stated.

Wallace asked where he puts himself on the spectrum of Republicans in the Senate, with Mitch McConnell on one side looking to compromise and Ted Cruz on the other side taking a much harder line.

"I represent the people of Louisiana, and it is their interest that is uppermost," Cassidy said.

"I take my lead from the interests of my state and the interests of our country ... I am here to represent the people of Louisiana, not align with another Senator."

Watch the full interview in the "Fox News Sunday" clip above.