A new movement called "No Gender December" is sparking controversy by encouraging consumers to buy more inclusive, gender-neutral toys.

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Dr. Rebecca Hains said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning that it's not really about making things truly gender-neutral, but more about marketing.

She explained that the point of "No Gender December" is to encourage children to shop for whatever toys interest them, without defining them as boys' toys or girls' toys.

Penny Nance, on the other hand, said that the difference between the genders is not learned behavior, it's innate.

"We can't fight Mother Nature," Nance said. "It's a great thing. We need to embrace those differences. We're proud to be women."

Hains asserted that it's not about forcing anything on anyone, but giving more options for everybody.

She pointed out that science kits are often in the boys' aisle in stores, while crafts are in the girls', and she doesn't believe that children should feel ashamed or embarrassed for being interested in any type of toy.

"There's a big difference between making everything available and letting them go to their own interests and trying to create this gender-neutral child," Nance replied. "That's very frightening to me."

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think about gender-neutral toys in the comments.

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