Parents are reportedly now finding it tougher to discipline their children, because a punishment could result in "parent shaming" by their kids on social media.

A recent article in The Daily Mail asserted that social networks are creating a generation of parents who are afraid their children will complain about them online or even secretly record a parental lecture or rant and then post it.

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"You can't be in fear of raising your kids," Siggy Flicker said on "Fox and Friends Weekend," adding that the first thing she takes away from her children as punishment is what they value most: their phones.

"So they can't videotape me, and if they did, I'd be proud," she said. " I say, if you don't like my rules, collect your change, move out and get your own place."

Chris Kensler agreed, saying he would see a parent shaming video as a badge of honor.

Rachel Campos-Duffy pointed out that if your kids are posting like this on social media, then you've probably already lost control. She said it's about taking back that control as a parent.

Watch the clip above.

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