You may remember Garth Callaghan his daughter, Emma, from their "Fox and Friends" appearance back in February.

When Garth received a cancer diagnosis, he decided to write a "napkin note" for Emma's lunch bag for every school day in advance – 826 notes – in the event that he passed away before she finished school.

Now, Garth is sharing his reflections and wisdom the inspiring book "Napkin Notes: Make Lunch Meaningful, Life Will Follow," which he and Emma spoke about this morning on "Fox and Friends Weekend."

"My dad's notes mean everything to me, especially just having that connection even when he's not there," Emma said.

"Every time I read a note, I'm inspired all over again. I think about my dad, and I think about how great everything he's doing is."

Garth said it's not difficult for anyone to make a commitment and take a minute to write a note to a loved one.

He explained that one purpose behind "Napkin Notes" is to make sure that his wife and daughter never wonder what he believes in or what he stands for.

View some of the touching, inspiring notes below and be sure to pick up a copy of "Napkin Notes," available now!

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