She wasn't even supposed to be there... 

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, we saw some incredible video from a school bus fire on a Florida highway. 

A hero, however, emerged from the flames. Bus driver and math teacher Kristina Buhrman saved the lives of the 37 middle-school students who were on board. 

Buhrman said this morning that she was supposed to drive a different route on Wednesday, but switched when another driver called out sick. 

As she traveled down I-4, she suddenly noticed smoke coming from the back of the bus. On the 911 call, Buhrman can be heard frantically trying to move the kids to safety. 

Authorities say she did everything right: immediately pulling over and calling 911, evacuating the students and then moving them far away from the burning bus while she made sure all of them were accounted for. 

None of the students were hurt.

Buhrman said she knew something was wrong when a student in the back yelled that there was smoke coming from under his seat.

And she said she wouldn't consider herself a hero.

"I did what I would hope any teacher or bus driver would do at any time. That's why we get up to go to work. As a bus driver, it's my job to take kids to school and bring them home safely. ... My job is to protect them," she said.

The bus was completely burnt out and destroyed as you can see from the photos below.