Police in Abu Dhabi have released chilling new video of a woman accused of fatally stabbing an American kindergarten teacher in a shopping mall.

Surveillance footage purports to show the suspect, who is wearing all black and has a veil covering her face. Authorities say the video shows the woman enter the shopping mall and walk into a bathroom, where police say she stabbed a teacher from Colorado, leaving a trail of blood and a knife behind.

The stabbing victim was identified as 47-year-old Ibolya Ryan.

Later, surveillance video allegedly shows the suspect arriving in an apartment building, rolling a suitcase. That’s where authorities say she planted a makeshift bomb at the door of an American doctor’s apartment.

Authorities say she is seen fleeing in a white SUV with license plates covered by the UAE flag.

Authorities linked the videos together and tracked the suspect to her apartment, capturing the dramatic arrest on camera.

Police believe the attack was based on nationality.

Watch footage of the arrest above.