Hillary Clinton spoke to students at Georgetown University yesterday morning, but the crowd was less than impressive.

The school noted that students have finals coming up and an earlier appearance by the former secretary of state about a month ago had a much larger crowd.

The sparse crowd immediately led to speculation on social media that there is some Hillary "fatigue" setting in before her expected 2016 presidential run. 

Kirsten Powers noted that a recent poll showed 85 percent of Democrats want her to be the nominee, but conceded that the former First Lady may have a problem generating excitement among young voters and independents.

"Young people are so disenchanted with all of these politicians. She's kind of the quintessential establishment politician," said Powers.

Andrea Tantaros criticized Clinton for making "dull, dry" political speeches recently, which will not excite college students. 

"If these students need help going to sleep, which they don't, they can go and listen to her speak. She looks tired, she hasn't had a new idea in decades. She is not her husband. Bill would have had that room packed," said Tantaros.

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