Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is only 43, but some believe his biggest selling point is his experience, Bret Baier said tonight in “The Presidential Contenders: 2016.”

Jindal is a two-term governor and former congressman who has steered Louisiana through post-Hurricane Katrina rebuilding and the BP oil spill.

The Louisiana governor said his family is thinking and praying about 2016.

“We will make that decision after the holidays, toward the first half of next year,” he said.

Jindal discussed what he says is the biggest issue with Obama.

“The most dangerous thing he’s doing is trying to redefine the American dream […] This president seems intent on trying to define the American dream as about redistribution, government spending, government borrowing. That’s not the American dream,” he said.

If nominated for president, he would be the first minority on the GOP ticket.

Watch the video above to hear more on Jindal’s policies.