Future Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) went “On The Record” tonight for his first TV interview since being voted into the position.

McConnell said that the Senate hasn’t voted much in the last four years, charging Sen. Harry Reid with guaranteeing that nothing came to Barack Obama’s desk that the president didn’t like.

“So we became dysfunctional, a place where nothing happened,” he said.

McConnell also pledged that there will be no government shutdown, and he explained that the Senate intends to pass each of the 12 bills that fund the government separately.

Watch part one of the interview below.

Then, McConnell discussed his meeting with Obama yesterday, saying it was "not the bourbon summit."

McConnell explained that the two discussed areas where both sides could come together, but added that he disagrees with almost everything Obama has done.

You might also be surprised to hear how some Democrats reacted to McConnell's election.

“Interestingly enough, about half the calls I got after my election were from Senate Democrats. Now, I’m not telling you they were happy I won, but I think what they were happy about was they thought I would run the Senate differently, respect the views of members regardless of party […] and were pretty excited about the fact that we intend to get the Senate back to the way it operated for a very long time before the last four years.”

Watch part two below.