Brooke Shields stopped by "Fox and Friends" this morning after opening up about her childhood in a new memoir. But before that discussion, we saw a 1980s photo of a young Steve Doocy chatting up Shields. 

"This was before I got married and this is not one of the chapters in your book," he said. Shields joked that their encounter was "too sordid" to write about.

Steve recalled that the event was at the Kennedy Center and Brooke was nice enough to talk with him for a story while he worked at NBC. 

Shields then got to talking about her emotional new book, "There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me," in which she described her relationship with her late mom. 

Her mom, Teri, was also her manager, but struggled with alcoholism. 

"She was never Mama Rose, she wasn’t secure enough to want the spotlight for herself, but she had this little prize baby who then everyone became focused on and wanted to photograph," said Shields, recalling that she had an intervention with her mom at age 13. 

"We had mom, me and then we had alcohol. As a young child, you learn to navigate an alcoholic, you learn to navigate an addict. You become this person who's sort of hypervigilant," said Shields.

Watch the full interview below.